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What I Did For a Duke - Julie Anne Long Edenbrooke - Julianne Donaldson Lord of Darkness  - Elizabeth Hoyt The Five Kisses (Pride Meets Prejudice #1) - Karla Darcy Married By Morning - Lisa Kleypas The Governess Affair (The Brothers Sinister) - Courtney Milan

Top Three Favorite Regency Romances

I only started reading romance novels last year (in fact, it's been about 13 months). In that time I've read A LOT of books. I wanted to take a minute to document/note some of the books I've enjoyed starting with regency romance.


These three, of all the ones I've read, have really left an impression...


1. What I Did For A Duke: This book completely surprised me. It is definitely in the top three romances I've ever read. The title is so... meh. And it started out so... eh. But, the story is epically swoon-worthy. Basically, you have this older Duke (older for a romance novel, so 40) and he sets his mind to seducing the younger sister of a rival. This younger sister, in case you haven't yet gleamed, is the heroine and the Duke is the hero. For a time, the hero and the heroine form a friendship. Then, they for an attachment. Then, they fall in love. The story - how they move from one step to the next - is really, really lovely. The character of the Duke is probably one of my most favorite heroes in romance (right up there with Mr. Darcy and Captain Wentworth). He is multifaceted, strong, vulnerable, and realistically drawn with faults, worries, fears, and humor. The heroine is nearly as realistic and evocative, truly a *young* person who is struggling to understand what is real, what is important/matters, and what is fleeting. I've already read it three times!


2. Edenbrooke: So... this book is a "clean romance"; meaning, there is no explicit sex. Also, the heroine is a bit naive but still retains her likeability. The hero, unlike most romantic heroes of today (contemporary and historical alike), is unfailingly honorable. I LOVED that he was unwavering in his honor and, ultimately, that's what makes this books so special and romantic. There is a scene in the book that, no matter how many times I've read it, makes my stomach and chest twist with painful delight. I shall call it "the letter scene" and leave it at that...


3. Lord of Darkness: Really, I could have selected any number of Elizabeth Hoyt's books. She is... she is amazing. And, her books are amazing. She has an uncanny ability to draw fantastically relateable heroines and flawed yet completely desirable heroes with such consistency (from book to book). All her books are a must read. Lord of Darkness stands out for me because the heroine wants to kill (that's right, murder) the hero at first. And the hero is another one of those unfailingly honorable characters that make me sigh and - I freely admit it - swoon. Love Elizabeth Hoyt and I love her books!


I also have to give an honorable mention to Courtney Milan, Lisa Kleypas, and Karla Darcy. I've read a number of their books and always found them to be high quality/enjoyable reads.


Ok, how about you? Care to share your top regency romance???